Ask Alicia: I want to quit drinking.


Hi Alicia,

I would like to focus our next session on drinking less/none. I’m also wondering what modality you would suggest for this topic – curious if hypnosis would be appropriate, EFT, or other modes.

Thanks, looking forward to it.



For drinking, I usually will recommend a combination of modalities. Like any addictive behavior, you really have to be completely honest with yourself about your current beliefs (some of them may seem like they are past beliefs, yet they still affect your decisions). Most people will struggle to break free completely until they reconcile those conflicting beliefs – self honesty about them is the easiest most natural and most effective way to do that.

The turning point is always an absolute decision to change. I struggled with that for years, wavering in my decision to quit drinking before I reached that decision point. Once that powerful committed decision is made, any modalities you use will be effective.

That being said, we’ll likely do a combination of hypnosis and EFT. Your job between now and then is to be as honest with yourself as possible about ALL of your beliefs regarding yourself and alcohol.

Speak soon!


Guided Hypnosis Audio to Assist During the Quitting Process

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