Tools for Growth: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

In 2005, after a confusing and traumatizing life event, I was faced with two options … to either let the fear and emotional pain consume me, further diminishing my quality of life – or – to pursue a path of growth and personal empowerment through self-discover and inner healing. I choose the latter. One of the many techniques I came across on my healing journey was EFT, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Technique(s). This particular healing modality was profoundly beneficial, producing noticeable improvement of my mental and emotional wellbeing.

My transformation inspired me to such an extent that I pursued my advanced training in the technique; at that time directly through the founder of EFT, Gary Craig (before he gave up exclusive rights to EFT, which at a later date he reclaimed). In 2006 I began working with clients using EFT and my clients were seeing excellent results from our work together. To this day I still frequently use and teach EFT to my clients as a tool for self-empowerment, emotional healing and personal growth.

Like any modality, results vary depending on a variety of factors; however, I strongly believe it is one of the most valuable tools for holistic healing and personal empowerment we currently have available to us. Many people over the years have created variations of the technique, and still more have published videos, books, and even entire communities revolving around the technique. That being said, there is no shortage of material readily available – both free and for sale.

Regardless of whether you have used EFT in the past or have never heard of it, I offer a brief introduction to the modality (perhaps a refresher course for those who have used it previously), so that you can apply it to any mental/emotional challenges you currently face. I do not profess to be a doctor, healer or miracle worker … nor do I guarantee any results. However, if you utilize the technique with sincere intentions for releasing and resolving old unnecessary emotional wounds, limiting patterns of belief or dis-empowering behaviors, then you will very likely notice tangible and/or intangible improvements.

Here is a short Introduction to EFT Training Video that I did for my Business Mindset Mastery program several years ago:

You can also access the corresponding Tapping Points Chart and Instructions here: Tapping Points Chart and Instructions

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