Emma Karamleen – The Keys to Direction, Clarity and Uncovering Your Life Purpose

Life Purpose CoachEmma is a life purpose coach who helps people who are struggling to find a direction in their career and life work. She is known for her authenticity and passion to help people to move beyond confusion into crystal clear clarity and to go on to realise their dreams.

The truth is that some people really struggle to know what they want to do with their lives and find themselves in a complete panic. Having traversed this crisis herself her focus is on helping women who are in this situation to defining what values matter to them, facilitating the creation of a vision for the future and the manifestation of that into reality. She also supports people in uncovering and releasing unresolved feelings, resentments and belief systems that can sabotage our ability to move forward.

Learn more about Emma’s work and get a copy of her free eBook “6 Steps to Discovering Your Life Purpose” at: http://www.experiencetrueself.com

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