11 Questions to Stimulate a Business Growth Spurt (Entrepreneur Assessment)

Are you currently at your full business potential? Answer these 11 questions to unlock your mental resources for business growth.

The purpose of this assessment is to be both fun and enlightening. In fact, if you really give these questions some thought (I recommend writing down your answers for maximum impact) I can almost guarantee you will become aware of areas in your business that you could easily improve by implementing what you already know!

Let’s get right to it…

Question 1: What do you tell people when they ask you what you do? (For example: Your elevator pitch.)

Question 2: Who do you help with your products/services; and how does what you offer benefit them?

Question 3: Which of your products or services bring in the most revenue?

Question 4: What great ideas have you had over the past year or so that you haven’t implemented yet?

Question 5: What are the easiest (and/or most enjoyable) income producing activities in your business?

Question 6: Who have you learned the most valuable business lessons from (practical strategies to success habits/mindset); and what are they?

Question 7: What have been your most effective marketing strategies/tactics?

Question 8: If you had to generate cash fast, what would you do?

Question 9: Who have your best clients/customers been and how did they find you?

Question 10: If you were giving a new business owner your best advice, what would it be?

Question 11: What resources do you have available to you right now, that if you utilize them, they will help you improve your business (for instance, books or home study courses that you could revisit)?

Do you have a thought provoking – business growth – dig into your mental experience bank question to contribute? Post yours in comments.

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