How To Identify the Sub-Conscious Beliefs Holding You Back in Life and Business

If there is any area of your life or business that you have tried to change/improve without success, then you have conflicting beliefs that need to be identified and reconciled within your consciousness.

It is important to identify the beliefs that you bump up against (blind spots which you have practiced yourself into ignoring/repressing) as you attempt to change/improve certain areas of your life.

Until you resolve the inner conflict these ‘beliefs’ create, you cannot create different/improved circumstances in your life.

To some degree we can, and do, naturally shift old defeating beliefs. However, when you consistently try to change something in your life – unsuccessfully – it can be beneficial to enlist the help of an outside source. Preferably someone who is highly attuned to identifying beliefs and patterns of behavior, and can offer guidance as to how to shift them in positive life enhancing ways.

You don’t need a healer, coach or therapist… nor do you need a modality, religion or outside force to change you. The real power is always within you no matter what path you take in life. That being said, we often will manifest people, circumstances or events that help us facilitate changes that we’ve clearly identified we want to make.

The key to recognizing what ‘external solution’ will help you, is to feel for a resonance or alignment with the specific solution. If it feels good – for instance you feel relief when you contemplate moving forward with a healer, coach or modality – then you know the experience will bring you benefit. Always feel for the alignment.

A Strategy for Identifying Conflicting Beliefs:

Sit down in a quiet area with paper and a pen.

Take several deep cleansing breaths to center yourself and prepare your mind for this process.

Write down on the paper your intention, in this case, you may write something like – What do I believe or expect with regard to ____________? (fill in the blank with the subject you are working through).

Now write down everything you think, feel, believe, and/or expect. Let it flow naturally. Some of it may seem empowering; over the years you have accumulated many positive beliefs about this subject. Other statements you write may seem very negative. It is common for you to see patterns in your current life, as well as expectations about yourself/your future that correlate to childhood feelings/experiences. During this part of the process (assuming you are being honest with yourself about all of your thoughts and feelings) you will begin to see with more clarity what beliefs are still active within your consciousness.

When you feel a sense of completion, stop writing. Note: It is okay to stop and reflect, then resume writing until you feel complete.

As you take time to reflect on what you’ve written, be aware of metaphors that enter your mind. For example, your past limiting beliefs felt like you were swallowed up within a swamp – you’ve been functioning with your head barely above the filthy water. But now you can see yourself emerging from the murky muddy swamp into the clean clear valley. You have been cleansed of the past stuck-ness and now feel light and free.

The metaphor is a powerful part of transformation. Metaphors and symbolism are frequently used in rituals and mindset work because of the effect they have on our consciousness. That being said, if you do not immediately resonate with a metaphor, it is okay. You may process the shift in a slightly different way at an appropriate time. Some people will experience the reconciliation of beliefs during the dream state.

This is one of many processes you can use to identify and shift old beliefs which no longer serve you on your life path. If you are interested in individualized support, you are welcome to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to discuss my private one-to-one services.

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Ask Alicia: Is the Subconscious Mind Bad?



Please excuse this intrusion. I have found myself “seeking” much more. Possibly because I want to achieve enlightenment, not sure, but I am really being drawn to self-love, which according to this website (obscured) is what I should be trying to achieve.

So why am I knocking on your door? As I have told you before, I have a great deal of respect for you, particularly your insight. Would you mind glancing over the articles on that website and telling me if from your knowledge and experience, is my subconscious what I need to ignore, or as it is said, live in the moment?

If that is the case, what is the purpose of having goals? My previous readings of books on business and self-improvement lead me in the direction of having targets, long term goals, planting affirmations that allow my subconscious to point me in the right direction, without my knowing why. Yet the website would have me believe that I should just go with the flow.

Perhaps this all sounds quite scattered. And just trying to articulate it to you has proven a bit therapeutic, so thank you for “listening.”

I trust you are well and that there is an abundance of joy in your life.


Alicia’s Response:

Hi Gary,

Happy Holidays!!

From my experience, aspiring to higher consciousness and a deep connection with Source is one of the most loving honorable things one can do.

The “subconscious” mind and even the mind in general really have mixed (even dogmatic) definitions within the spiritual community. If you take the dogma out of it, then we can define the subconscious mind as a necessary part of our human experience. We need it in order to function (literally). It controls our automatic functions – physical and mental, it also is a repository of memories and (programed/conditioned) responses. Unfortunately, some of our learned responses directly contradict even our most spiritual aspirations. That being said, you cannot deny your subconscious… those ‘programs’ don’t just go away (even if you “practice living in the moment” which is valuable) and your subconscious does not reason, therefore, it cannot discern what programs are bad/wrong/inaccurate. The subconscious is a mechanism – like your lungs are a mechanism, they don’t have a consciousness to discern what you are breathing in, they take in good air or bad air just the same.

An analogy: Say you smoked for 40 years, and after putting all that crap in your lungs, now it hurts when you breath and your energy is low from insufficient oxygen, so you decide “these lungs don’t work the way I want them to, I am going to get rid of them”….  That would seem illogical because you know you need your lungs in order live. Yet, people say, “your subconscious is bad – look what it is doing to you – get rid of it”. That is ludicrous.

On a positive note; like all laws in the Universe, through your dominate conscious intentions, you can and will attract into your life the circumstances necessary to recondition/transcend old conditioning that works against your higher aspirations and well-being. That really is what a spiritual practice is about. Many of the desires or goals for material gratification are transcended. BUT, the mistake I see many of my close spiritual friends make is making material life a “bad” thing. Which contradicts the desire to be spiritual and one with source. It is like saying, Source is the most important thing, yet I reject the experience that Source created which I am a part of….

In conclusion… respect the “subconscious” as you would respect your heart or lungs. It is doing it’s job. Understanding how and why it works the way it does will give you more liberation from the challenges it creates in your life than trying to ignore it will.

Hope that helps.


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Nat Couropmitree – Success Strategies for Empathic Entrepreneurs

My friend and colleague Nat Couropmitree helps me kick off the first episode of Business Mindset Strategies – Monetize Your Calling. Nat is a truly great person… and was really cool about having to do a second take to re-record the show when my recording software crashed and we lost the entire original interview. That said, I sincerely hope you enjoy our first episode. I look forward to getting back into my interviewing grove and providing some great content for all of you!

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Nat CouropmitreeSpiritual life coach and author, Nat Couropmitree (pronounced ca-ROPE-ma-tree), empowers spiritual entrepreneurs to gain confidence, visibility and clients through self-love and acceptance. He believes wholeheartedly that you can relax yet also be successful.

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