Discouraged by My Industry

When I started my hypnotherapy practice back in early 2010 I was nervous, yet filled with passion. My desire to help people truly transform their lives was undeniably a motivating force and pushed me beyond the nagging fears, doubts and insecurities I had. As my business grew and I transitioned into coaching I invested in a lot of programs and coaches. Often I would ‘drink the Kool Aid’ as they say and bought into much of the hype and over inflated income claims. When the actions I was taught to take weren’t paying off, I questioned myself … “What is wrong with me?” “Why can’t I get results like everyone else?” “It must be my mindset or my beliefs, or maybe I am not working hard enough … investing enough” … and on and on …

While I was working with individual clients in my coaching practice, creating digital products for my online store, and facilitating group programs (not to mention public speaking and doing all of my own marketing), I was simultaneously helping other entrepreneurs and small businesses with their marketing and sales as a freelance consultant. Some of those clients (who will not be named) are also in the coaching industry. So in addition to my firsthand experience buying expensive coaching and training programs, I worked in the proverbial trenches for others in the coaching industry; and what I discovered was … this industry has some really great qualities, but it is also filled with total B.S.

One of the common themes – and I’ve even said it to my own clients (I apologize) – is that you have to invest big money to up level your business. That is simply NOT true. I have watched so many well-meaning individuals invest money they did not have based on the false promise of success from various gurus and coaches. The reality is, if you are not aligned with what you are investing in, whether it is because the product, program or service is not the right fit for you/your business, or because you are so stressed about spending the money that all you can think is lack based thoughts, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Now to be fair, if you are aligned, then by all means Invest! It will pay off big time. Unfortunately, many people in my industry are more concerned about financial gain than your well-being. That rubs me the wrong way. As I was helping sell very expensive programs to people who clearly were not aligned, I got a bad taste for the coaching industry as a whole. It is not that we as consumers shouldn’t be responsible for our decision to invest, or that the self-proclaimed gurus shouldn’t be profitable, only that if someone is clearly not right for a program because it makes no financial sense or they are not ready to benefit from it … then have a conscience and do not enroll them in the program. At very least, provide an out for a consumer if the program is not the right fit.

These are tricky subjects in any industry, and a topic that should be addressed within every organization or small business. It comes down to the company’s ethics. Establishing clear boundaries for each client/customer interactions is important – for both the provider and the consumer. Not every subject is black and white. However, as far as my industry is concerned, there seems to be far too much emphasis on charging premium prices than there is on creating value. For me personally, it created an internal conflict, which in turn caused me to change my pricing model and even back away from private clients for a while. However, in every adversity is the seed of opportunity, and because of my personal stance on my industry I have created pricing strategies, packages and programs that fit my ethical requirements.

Regardless of what industry you are in, it is important to do business in a way that is congruent with you. Be honest with yourself about your values and your priorities. It is okay to stray from the norm; in fact, it can be really valuable for your business. You do not have to be like everyone else. Be you! Do it proudly. Life is supposed to be fun and business is not separate from life. There should not be a separate set of ethics in business. We are human first and foremost, let’s treat each other with love, kindness and respect.

Think and Grow Rich – The Original Version (Recommended Reading)

Frequently while being interviewed, the radio or podcast show host will ask me to recommend a book or resource to the listeners; and while there are many that I can highly recommend, one book really is a must read for virtually any entrepreneur regardless of spiritual beliefs, industry or demographic … and that is none other than the classic self-help book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

I’d like to take it a step further, because many of us have read Think and Grow Rich … some became wildly successful, yet others regardless of study and repetition didn’t quite get the desired results. And while there are a variety of reasons for the different results, one thing that many people don’t realize is that there are two slightly different versions of the book.

When Napoleon Hill published Think and Grow Rich back in 1937 he referenced some key information which was omitted from the later version. The ‘original’ version happens to be in the public domain and freely available to anyone who seeks Hill’s real masterpiece in its unaltered form. (A PDF is below for convenience.)

Regardless of whether you’ve read it once or one hundred times, reading it again at your present stage in life and business is a great idea! For those who have never been exposed to any version of the classic, then there is no better time than the present to expand your mind and apply your energy in a more clear, definite and focused way with Napoleon’s guidance.

Read Here: Think-and-Grow-Rich-PDF

About Think and Grow Rich according to Wikipedia:

The text of Think and Grow Rich is founded on Hill’s earlier work The Law of Success, the result of more than twenty years of research based on Hill’s close association with a large number of individuals who achieved great wealth during their lifetimes.

At Andrew Carnegie’s bidding, Hill studied the characteristics of these achievers and developed 16 “laws” of success meant to be applied by people to achieve success. Think and Grow Rich condenses these laws further and provides the reader with 13 principles in the form of a philosophy of personal achievement.

It is noted in the book that an individual with desire, faith and persistence can reach great heights by eliminating negative energy and thoughts and focusing on the greater goals at hand.

The 13 “steps” listed in the book are: 1. Desire 2. Faith 3. Autosuggestion 4. Specialized Knowledge 5. Imagination 6. Organized Planning 7. Decision 8. Persistence 9. Power of the Master Mind 10. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation 11. The Subconscious Mind 12. The Brain 13. The Sixth Sense

Ask Alicia: Will a negative spouse block my money flow?

Hi Alicia!
I have been wondering this for awhile…a husband and wife living in the same household have different beliefs about money. Could the one with negative beliefs block or hinder the flow of money coming into the household?


Hi Alysia,

Good question. It is common that we allow ourselves to be affected by those around us. However, that does not have to be the case. When the prosperity focused partner is more focused on prosperity than they are the other partner’s choices, attitude and decisions, then the other person’s lack consciousness will not affect their manifestation of wealth.

Think of it as a tipping point. Where is more attention going? To being adversely affected by the other person’s dominate beliefs and how it bad it feels… Or, on what you are joyfully creating and experiencing in terms of abundance, prosperity and well-being!

You don’t ever have to worry about or try to change someone’s beliefs to affect positive change in your life. But, you do have to release the temptation to be victimized by their choices and behaviors. Instead focus more on what you want. More on the good. More on feeling good. And more on expecting the having of what you want. Often, the other person will begin to change just by being around your high vibration.

Hope that helps!

Alicia Cramer

Janet Tyler Johnson – Money and Metaphysics

Janet Tyler Johnson, CFP® wants you to create an affluent life. She is the author of the book Finding Financial Fulfillment, for a Life Filled with Money and Meaning, and is a financial planner, investment advisor, coach, metaphysician, energy healer, and a speaker and expert in helping people live extraordinary lives. She has been a Certified Financial Planner® professional since 1988 and has worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years.

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Janet JohnsonJanet owns a fee-only investment management firm, JATAJ Wealth Management, where she manages investment portfolios for clients who want an unbiased professional who is a fiduciary. For more information on these services go to www.jataj.com and click on the Wealth Management tab.

In addition to Janet’s extensive expertise in the money arena, she also holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Metaphysics and is Certified as a Soul Awareness Energy Healer.

Prior to founding her own business in 2005, Janet ran the financial planning and investment management division of the country’s 12th largest CPA firm. She left that firm when she discovered that, after climbing the ladder to success, her ladder was propped up against the wrong building! While being incredibly successful in corporate America, in her heart she was an entrepreneur, and building businesses as an employee for other people didn’t allow her the freedom and creativity that she craved.

Janet also provides coaching services and energy healing sessions through JATAJ Life Planning, LLC. For more information, see her website at www.jataj.com and click on the Life Planning tab.

Janet has a deep knowledge of all things money, and a passion for helping people live lives that only few imagine. Her mission in life is to help you live the life of your dreams, just like she is doing.

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