Increase your business productivity, results and income.

Business Boost Kit

What if you had an opportunity to invest $7 and a little bit of time over the next several weeks (at your convenience) to increase your productivity, results and income.

Would you be interested?

Nowadays you can’t even get a fast food meal for $7… 

Regardless of whether you are a business newbie and want to get a jump start on your new business – or you are a successful entrepreneur who understands the value of personal and business development for greater gains, the Business Boost Kit has the potential to provide a Return on Investment multiple times over!

Not everyone has time to devote to long courses and programs, so what then is the perfect solution?

I’ve compiled a small, yet highly effective, set of resources to help get your mental game on point for a boost in business productivity, improved business performance, goal attainment and wealth consciousness.

Get the Business Boost Kit now for only $7! 

In this digital package you will receive:

  • 2 Powerful Guided Hypnosis Audios for Laser Focused Business Success and Alignment with Wealth Generation ($47 retail value)
  • 1 Guided Visualization Audio for Clarity and Goal Achievement (only available to private clients)
  • and the pdf version of my new book The “Outside the Box” Entrepreneur (retail price $9.95)

You’ll get just enough valuable content to give you a massive business boost without information overload or excessive materials that you know you will simply never get around to.

Get Instant Access to Your Business Boost Kit Now! 

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The Business Boost Kit is a like a Mini Version of my full length Business Success Course hypnosis audio program.

“The Business Success Program is truly a fabulous gift to give to yourself or someone else you know who could use a boost in their business. Alicia’s audio’s are soothing, relaxing and you feel safe as her strong, pleasant voice easily carries you to a deeper place inside. From listening to them I feel more optimistic, without even trying! (It’s easier to smile at everything and everyone). They have given me a deep knowing that success is already here, and the additional audio’s in the program connected me to the passion I have for my business, and supported me to embody my message. I now easily take the steps required to have the success I am desiring.

I highly recommend the Business Success Program to anyone who is ready to step up and into all of who they are. Alicia was born to guide you there!”

Melissa Sarazin
Conscious Life Mentor

“I am so happy with your hypnosis. I have only listened to it one time and I am really impressed. Alicia’s voice is super pleasant and calming. I would recommend this product to anyone who desires more joy, abundance and flow.”

Michael Lord

“I downloaded your MP3 and I just loved it! Alicia’s voice is so calming and comforting, the background music is beautiful, and the quality of the recording is very good. The words touched my heart! I woke up with a smile on my face and with such a wonderful feeling deep inside. Thank you Alicia!”


“I have been with a new health and wellness company for just over 1 year. And I intend to be successful in this business.

Since listening to Alicia’s audio in hypnosis for about 3 week now, I can feel a shift in my feelings about promoting the business. I have found that people are more receptive to me now. I am attending more networking events and getting very positive feed-back from many of the attendees. I have been given opportunities to join more networking groups, setting up meeting and events where I can display my products and talk to them about the business.

I feel more confident, focused, and I can see myself becoming the successful entrepreneur that I want like to be. My family is proud as well.

Kindest regards”

Ruth Sumi

“Hello Alicia,

Your recordings are fabulous. I play them often and your voice is radiant, powerful, confident and soothing all at the same time.

Your recordings were inspiration as I worked on my product building activities. They helped me to remain in a space of assured energy movement and with that I am now at the point of teleseminar ahead of schedule Yahoo! and will continue to use your recordings to write the teleseminar content. Your recordings also added creative improvements on the website.

All is perfect in my reality so thank you from my heart for the recordings.”

Tanya Jopson
HVL Coach

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