5 Stress Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

stress relief for entrepreneursEntrepreneurs are goal driven in the best essence of word. Without such visionaries where would we be? Yet, because entrepreneurs have greater responsibility, higher priority activities, and are frequently focused on solving problems within their business, they experience high levels of stress. Furthermore, successful people tend to do the types of activities that the majority of people prefer to avoid and are continuously breaking through fear to reach the next goal. In many cases, this tenacity and drive (the very qualities that make an entrepreneur), are also the traits that cause us to create additional pressure… and stress.

According to one survey, 2 out of 5 self-employed individuals say that their profession has damaged their health and life in some way. The tricky task of managing health – and the stress that entrepreneurs face – is an art form that every person must exercise for leading a healthier/happier life.

According to one survey, 2 out of 5 self-employed individuals say that their profession has damaged their health and life in some way.

It is of no surprise that entrepreneurs work a higher number of hours than others comparatively. According to the statistics, the average employee works around 40 hours each week, while many business owners work 70 hours plus. To make matters worse, they don’t take sufficient time for rest and relaxation; and many avoid taking a vacation for fear of the repercussions in their business.

While not every entrepreneur faces such extreme working conditions, the reality is… stress is a real problem for many high achieving individuals.

Fortunately there are various ways (positive habits) that entrepreneurs can inculcate to recover both their sanity and health.

1) Routinely assess your priorities and let go of tasks and commitments that do not get you closer to your goal or vision. Be aware of how certain responsibilities you’ve taken on make you feel. You may be committed to things that no longer serve you or your business and life goals.

2) Delegate responsibilities that are not high income-high payoff. What activities can someone else do? Be strategic. Your time is better spent on certain responsibilities, delegate the rest. It is counterproductive and literally exhausting to do things that are not your genius.

3) Develop the practice(s) of meditation, self-hypnosis or time to quiet your mind. Not only are these activities good for your mental and emotional well-being, they are also proven to increase productivity and support goal achievement.

4) Unplug from your work. Take at least one day each week to completely unplug. Research shows we think more clearly and solve problems more effectively when we take time away from our work. It is also essential to manage stress and avoid burn out.

5) Read inspiring books. The saying is “leaders are always readers”. Reading is an excellent way to exercise your mind. It also provides us with new inspiration, solutions, ideas… and it a great way to de-stress.


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