Ask Alicia: Will a negative spouse block my money flow?

Hi Alicia!
I have been wondering this for awhile…a husband and wife living in the same household have different beliefs about money. Could the one with negative beliefs block or hinder the flow of money coming into the household?


Hi Alysia,

Good question. It is common that we allow ourselves to be affected by those around us. However, that does not have to be the case. When the prosperity focused partner is more focused on prosperity than they are the other partner’s choices, attitude and decisions, then the other person’s lack consciousness will not affect their manifestation of wealth.

Think of it as a tipping point. Where is more attention going? To being adversely affected by the other person’s dominate beliefs and how it bad it feels… Or, on what you are joyfully creating and experiencing in terms of abundance, prosperity and well-being!

You don’t ever have to worry about or try to change someone’s beliefs to affect positive change in your life. But, you do have to release the temptation to be victimized by their choices and behaviors. Instead focus more on what you want. More on the good. More on feeling good. And more on expecting the having of what you want. Often, the other person will begin to change just by being around your high vibration.

Hope that helps!

Alicia Cramer


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